To further knowledge and networking among Johnson County mental health providers. MHCChas developed several ongoing projects. Contact us for more information about any of these programs.

Some results from the needs assessment surprised us.


In Summer 2015, MHCC worked with the federally funded grant program Hand in Hand and ETC Institute to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment survey of Johnson County. A random sampling of adults in 417 households was surveyed by phone, mail and Internet.

Survey Results

“We must see youth as problem solvers – not as problems to be solved.” – Reaching Teens


Many members are implementing ways to work more effectively with teens as a result of this toolkit. Paving the Way, a federally funded grant program, is providing Reaching Teens to members of MHCC, and we are exploring ways to combine efforts throughout the community. As a result, teens would encounter the same language and approach in all the systems they encounter, ranging from schools to juvenile justice to child welfare to mental health providers.
We are working together to help Johnson County raise mental health awareness by becoming Brain Friendly, Trauma informed


MHCC sponsors a one day conference designed to enhance the understanding of the Brain, Body, and Behavior Connection to all systems of our community. Mental Health challenges effect more then the individual, and everyone is subject to mental health challenges. To offer the most productive solutions we gain knowledge and work together to create a better system of care.

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