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MHCC Monthly Meetings on the 3rd Tuesday

8:30am-10am at Joshua YMCA 

1009 Joshua Station Boulevard, Joshua, TX 76058

Next meeting: April 16th

“Blame it on the Brain”Conference featuring Karen Williams, MSSW

Tuesday,  June  18th,  2019  

8:30am-4pm at Grandview  High  School

1009  Carrol  Ln,  Grandview  Texas  76050 

$20  Early  Registration  -  $30  after  May  15th

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Enjoy Morning  Refreshments,  Lunch,  &  Life  Changing  Information 

6 Hour of CEU's Provided by Mind Above Matter 

Who Should  Attend: Everyone! Mental  Health  Professionals, School Administrators/Educators/Staff, Law  Enforcement  Administrators/Officers/Staff, Justice Professionals, Community Organization Volunteers, Parents/Foster Care  Parents, and all others.

Blame it on the Brain 

Karen Williams, MSSW

Karen Williams, MSSW, is a writer and speaker known for her ability to explain the latest neuroscience and apply it to real life.  Her current focus is on three areas: brain development and behavior; the impact of substances, stress, trauma and traumatic brain injury on development and behavior; and the developmental readiness of youth to protect themselves. She is the developer of the brain-based SAMHSA Model Program curriculum Protecting You/Protecting Me, and the "brain friendly and trauma-informed" Positive Behavior in School and Society (PBSS), a joint project of Rainbow Days, Inc. and AT&T.

Karen will unpack

The Body's Reactions to Stress and Trauma 

The Chemistry of Fight, Flight, & Freeze 

The Neuroscience of Learning, Development & Behavior 

How to Grow Resilience 

The Body Comes First & The Power of Calm: Preventing  and  Treating  Trauma 

The  Behavioral Health Mindset

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Please bring a friend! Shares how the work we all are doing in our respective fields and organizations is connected in more ways than we might realize! We are all in this together, and good Mental Health is at the core! We all have a seat at this table! The social, emotional, and cognitive stress effects the mental health of everyone in the community and our ability to work together can help lead a positive impact on Johnson County and Beyond! Come, Connect and Collaborate!

 We want to say thank you for making time for MHCC! We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting and having a wonderful 2018! 


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